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I Hate Me, part 156,390 / I LIKE RECORDS 75

A while back we got in a used copy of a Jimi Hendrix box set (West Coast Seattle Boy). It’s an eight lp set and this copy was missing album #6 and had two copies of album #7. We put it out used and I marked it explaining what was wrong with it. This middle aged guy came in, he sounded like he was from eastern europe. His english was halting and hard to understand.
Guy-So this is missing six albums…why should I buy?
me-No…it’s missing album NUMBER 6…there are eight lp’s in the box
Guy-No, six lp’s are missing not eight
me-no…no….grrruuuuuuhhh…there are eight lp’s (I held up eight fingers)…but there are…are two…two of one of them…soooooo…while there are eight (I held up 8 fingers again) albums IN THE BOX…there are only SEVEN (I held up 7 fingers)different albums…one of them is in there twice.
I walked back behind the counter and went about pricing records, a couple of minutes later…
Guy-Do you have Budgie Yes?
me-we have a bunch of Yes albums but no Budgie
Guy-No Yes, Budgie Yes?
me-uhhhh…uhhhhh…so…uhhh NO Yes…just Budgie?
me-sorry, no Budgie
I went back behind the counter again and went back to pricing records. I figured shit lightning could only strike twice, but…
Guy-Dave Brombeck
me-David Bromberg or Dave Brubeck?
me-no…no…it’s one or the other…David Bromberg is folk (I mimed playing a mandolin or a tiny guitar)…Dave Brubeck is Jazz (mimed playing piano)
I pointed out where the two sections were on my way out the door for an emergency coffee.

"MARAJUANA MADNESS" found this in a copy of Led Zeppelin-In Through the Out Door

“MARAJUANA MADNESS” found this in a copy of Led Zeppelin-In Through the Out Door