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I Hate Me, Pt. 199,044

When Carrie and I were first going out we took a weekend trip to Atlantic City. Neither of us are big gamblers but the room was cheap and it seemed like a nice getaway. The first night we decided to hit the casino. We had a little bit of money that we were going to gamble with, because you know, “when in Rome…piss away money”. I like roulette and we sat at a low limit table (I think you might have been able to bet loose change). Carrie was asking about the odds and betting, normal stuff and I was trying to explain and bet at the same time. I’m not good at betting and I’m not good at explaining the intricacies of betting and when I can’t think of a word sometimes I’ll curse not in an angry way (at least not at first) but more in a place keeping kind of way:
Carrie- Why did you put the chips on those four numbers instead of just one
Me- gives me…uh.. more of a…a..uh fuckin chance to win…if I..uh…split The bet..split the..uhfuck..uh fuckinbet… between four numbers instead of one
[I lost and I bet the remainder of the money]
Carrie-Oh…What about the odds on the red and the black
Me-It’s uh…fuck…fuck..a lot less odds…fuck…no… win uhhhh..fuck..fuckin’ fuck.. you win less when you win…nonono…fuck…you win less when you bet the red or the fuckin…fuck..
[I lost ]
We left and got a drink which I managed to do successfully.