Sunday Music 2/3/13

Kadavar-Purple Sage
Ever wonder what it sound like if you combined Hawkwind with Black Sabbath? I didn’t but Kadavar did, this is the last song from their great self titled album and honestly it’s the only song that sounds Hawkwindy the rest is solid Sabbath worship. It’s from 2012 and it’s on TeePee. (to listen, click on song title)
06 purple sage

    • spank
    • February 3rd, 2013

    Looks like someone got an e-mail from Tee Pee the other day.

    I totally get the Hawkwind/Sabbath vibe, but this tune took waaaaaaaaay too long to develop, way too repetitive even for riff rock, and the outro riff at 5:30 should have been tighter (intended or not, the bass line was sloppy or incomplete compared to the guitar riff).

    Good tune, great vibe, can be saved but needs to be re-worked.

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