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Sunday Music 1/13/13

J.C. Heavy-That Woman’s Mind
Late sixties Manchester group, released two singles. I got this from a great collection, The Electric Asylum : British Psychedelic Freakrock Rarities, Volume 2 (Past & Present)
(To Listen click on “20 That Woman’s Mind“, below)
20 That Woman’s Mind

J.C. Heavy

J.C. Heavy

I Hate Me, Part 108,333/I LIKE RECORDS #73

We were short handed and pretty busy and a guy came up to the counter looking for some smooth jazz. Contrary to the mellow grooves of smooth jazz, most smooth jazz customers are hyper and a bit contentious.
Guy- yeah, I’m looking for some Bob Baldwin
Me-Bob Baldwin? Sure we should have some.
Guy- no, Bob Baldwin
(I am confused because that’s what I just said)
Me- Baldwin, B-A-L-D-W-I-N ?
Me- well could you spell it then?
Me-I don’t think that’s a real name, I’ll look it up (I type in the name. Nothing). Yeah, there’s nothing listed with that name… We do have stuff by Bob Baldwin, B-A-L-D-W-I-N
Guy-naaah, I’ll just look around
Guy- I know how to spell it
Me-alright, let’s go
Guy- B-O-B
Me-(interrupting) yeah, I know how to spell BOB
Guy- oh..B-A-L-D-W-I-N
Me-that’s what I’ve been saying!
Guy- oh
He bought no cd’s