I Hate Me, 100,817/ I Like Records 72

Back at work, kind of crazy with Christmas. Phone call, old woman talking fast and raspy:
Me-Hello Jacks Music
Woman-All I want for Christmas is You
Me-..uh…Thank you, but I’m married
Woman-Noooo..the song and not by that Marilu McCarey
Me-Mariah Carey?
Woman-Gahhh..yes..there’s a guy Vince Vaughn Vince but a woman is singing NOT McCAREY
Me-That’s uh..Vince Vance
Woman-Yeah, Vince Vaughn and the Vancetones
Me-I think we might be out of it, let me check
Woman-Ok, I hate that Marilyn McCoo
Me-Mariah Carey?
Woman-Her too
(I look for the CD, we are out of it)
Me-I’m sorry, we’re out of it
Woman-ohhhh…ohhh you’re OUT of Vince Vaughn
Me- Yeah, no Vince Vaughn. Sorry.
Woman-I Hate how those people sing
Me-Those people?
Woman-You know, the NEW people
Me-No, I really don’t
(has there been an invasion of singing aliens that no one has told me about?)
Woman- “heavy sigh” so no Vince Vaughn, “heavy sigh”

Vince Vaughn in his most challenging role

Vince Vaughn in his most challenging role

    • spank
    • December 21st, 2012

    Gimme Vaughn …. you mean Rick Vaughn ??

      • spank
      • December 21st, 2012

      Oh, dammit …… thought I was posting a single youtube clip, not the guys main page ….. hey Tim, please wipe out these posts …. thanks, and welcome back to Joisey.

    • Chris Burns
    • December 21st, 2012

    No wonder the old hag was annoyed. You didn’t sound very conVINCEing.

    • Tiina
    • January 3rd, 2013

    Man, gotta love that hair! Very phallic, like a pulsating volcano of looove.

    Sorry. I just… Sorry.

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