Notes From Das Boot, 169

Eindhoven, Holland 12/8/12
Speedfest and the last show of the tour. A giant clusterfuck of festival workout and end of tour packing panic. On the plus side, Graveyard and Orange Goblin are playing and it was good to see Walter from Roadburn, on the minus side, almost everything else. It’s actually not that bad, but when yr this close to going home, every mole hill is a mountain. The festival here has perfected the thinnest sandwiches ever. Normal slices of bread cut even thinner and a slice of ham, then squished so its even thinner. Almost, but not as thick as a business card. Yeah, I don’t got much else today

I don’t know what this means in German, but I found it childishly humorous in English.

    • Tiina
    • December 8th, 2012

    Thanks guys for the tour and an amazing show in Tampere, Finland. Have good last show and a safe trip home.

    • Chris Burns
    • December 19th, 2012

    Ahem…Tim, we’re waiting…

  1. “Butterfahrt” is the name of some very popular game for the retired and kids with not much money in Germany until the early 1990s: Back in the days there was a tax-free zone if you were on a ship just outside the I-dunno-how-many-miles zone on the ocean. So people went on boat trips just to get alcohol, parfum and useless stuff tax-free. And, in the very beginning, also butter. The name stayed, because it looked so innocent compared to what it was: A booze cruise.

  2. EU legislation reduced the possibillity to get booze tax free. You have to get farther out than just 20 miles. This results in effects like the beloved love boat from Sweden to Finland.

    • Tiina
    • January 3rd, 2013

    Damn the EU! If you can’t buy tax free booze on a ferry from Finland to Sweden, what’s the point of the ferries?? Who would want to take a cruise to Stockholm without the possibility of buying cheap alcohol and getting really drunk?

    It’s absurd.

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