Notes From Das Boot, 168

Krefeld, Germany 12/6/12
We’re here at Kulturfabrik, it’s one of those places that I couldn’t remember until we pulled up and then “pow!” , this is the place that I had what might have been the worst case of communication with any lighting guy, ever. We’ve played some out of the way places and I’ve been able to make myself understood, whether it was some backwoods galoot from the Urals or a barely there drug athlete from Holland. The guy who was the lighting guy here last time was a nice enough guy, but man it was like he spoke negative-English. Not only did he not understand anything I said, I actually forgot what I was saying (something about a focus I think), and was reduced to miming, interpretive dance and pictographs. I know X 100 that its not in his job description to understand English and my descriptive mime interpretations of a center focus have a lot to be desired, oy it was rough. This time was smooooooooth sailing. And another thing, if a club or a hotel or a bus claims to have the internet and its amazingly weak or non-existent it is called The InterNOT . Also today, Bob is legally changing his name for a year from Bob Pantella to Bob Nutella in a lucrative endorsement deal with the Nutella Corporation

Now endorsed by Monster Magnet’s Bob Nutella

    • spank
    • December 6th, 2012

    Damn, I should try for a Massengill endorsment and change my name too ….. people been calling me douchebag for years, might as well get paid for it.

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