Notes From Das Boot, 162

Vienna, Austria 11/27/12
One more thing about the Stuttgart show. The power went out during “Nod Scene” (which if you say it really fast with a slurred voice, sounds like “nazis”). It was a regrettable speed bump in an otherwise good show. Found out after the show that it has happened eight times in the last year and they know the cause (an adjoining business pulls too much power at certain times). Now, I’m not the most conscientious guy out there and I often take the route of least resistance. But Christ, alright the power goes out one time, you can write it off. By the second time you should figure out the cause AND DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT. By the fifth time if its not fixed, people should have their jobs on the line. For fucks sake, the eighth time, they should just close the club due to apathy.
Alright then, we are in Vienna at the Arena. It’s an old squat and most everybody here is stoned. So while its a solid gig, it’s sometimes hard to get the locals going. Not today, everybody so far (it’s 5:30) has had their shit together and is doing a real good job. The lighting guy’s name is PP, I wasn’t sure if he said Pippi or PeePee so when I needed him for a lighting question I went to the crew room and wasn’t sure who to ask for. Is it Pippi as in Longstockings, does he have longstockings or did he have pigtails when he was young, or is it PeePee, baby talk for piss. Or could his name be Paul Prudhomme, named after the famous chef. I was there so long sweating it that I got a contact high from the crew room and ended up just asking for the lighting guy.

Where I’m living today

    • R. Graves
    • November 28th, 2012

    The power going out reminds me of a time when I used to work at this convenience store where, for some strange reason, the lights in the bathroom stopped working every night at 5:14 p.m. Nobody could figure it out. The boss didn’t want to pay the electrician to fix it because the electrician owed money to the video store next door.

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