Notes From Das Boot, 158

Manchester, 11/24/12
We’re in Manchester and it’s raining. We’re playing the Academy 2 (I think it’s supposed to be twice as good as the Academy 1). Went to the Wentworth Art Gallery this morning and saw a cool ( maybe “cool” isn’t the best word to use here) exhibit on Chernobyl called Atomgrad (nature abhors a vacuum) and a bunch of other paintings I wasn’t familiar with. Going to museums by myself is one of the few things that can restore a semblance of sanity out here. I’m not being melodramatic, while it’s not bedlam, there’s always a bunch of stuff going on involving the same people day in/ day out. And while I get along with everybody, solitude is the greatest gift you can get out here. The London show at the Electric Ballroom went really well. The stage is set up oddly for my lighting purposes but the house guy was really solid and made it work. The after show consisted of the same cluster fuck that happens every time we play London. There was a handful of people I was glad to see and that was good. Again on another note, America is famous for taking an average idea and beating the shit out of it. England is doing the same thing with the KEEP CALM AND_____ shirts, mugs, magnets, banners, etc. Pretty much any thought can be made to fit, ex: KEEP CALM AND GO FUCK YOURSELF. See it’s easy, try it but don’t tell me about it. Fifteen hour drive to Stuttgart tonight. Note: this kind of reads bitter, I’m not I’m just tired.


  1. Had to take this picture, seems like this is coming over to Germany, too:
    Keep calm and...

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