Notes From Das Boot, 157

London, 11/23/12
Day off in London, which was great, there was so much stuff I wanted to do but my ass was so kicked that the promise of a real bed and shower won out and I ended up sleeping most of the day. The day before in Paris at the Maroquinerie was what we expected; a small club with a a good crew and good equipment. The only bad thing was the load- in/load-out which is legendary in its shittiness. We had to double park on a small busy street that was uphill and then push it a block in the street to the club. It was pretty fucking tense there for awhile. Anders, one of our guitar techs had our bus driver Freddie partially back into a side street so everything wouldn’t fall out of the trailer when we opened it. We still had to have somebody in the trailer holding back gear so it wouldn’t roll out, and we blocked an entire intersection but it could have been worse. It’s nice to be back in England for a short time. It’s a bit odd in the way the cultures match up, I think William Gibson referred to it as “mirror world” where it’s close enough to lull you into thinking you’re home briefly before obvious Englishness (giant electrical sockets, wrong side driving, etc) reminds you otherwise. The clubs and crews over here are a crapshoot as well. On another note, there’s a men’s hair style over here that I don’t see to much in the states. Slightly balding men have their hair cut into an aggressive “M” shape that reminds me of Speed Racers car, the Mach 5 or Norman and Harry Osborn from Spider-Man.

The Mach 5

Harry & Norman Osborn

    • Tiina (myhandsfeelwarm)
    • November 24th, 2012

    Suggestion: try reading Naomi Klein’s “No logo” and William Gibson’s ” Pattern recognition” at the same time. Very interesting…

    • Chris Burns
    • November 24th, 2012

    I think the hairstyle is commonly known as a “Ditko.”

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