Notes From Das Boot, 156

Hamburg, 11/20/12
Last nights show in Linkoping, Sweden was of the variety that I call ten pounds of shit in a five pound bag show. Now, I want to make very clear that this in NO WAY is meant to besmirch Monster Magnet, their crew or the people who work at the club we played. (The Backstage). It means that we have a lot of gear and they have a tiny stage. It was a tight stage but a good show and after a long drive we are once again in Hamburg this time at the Grunspan. As with most places over in Germany the crew is very good. The lighting guy is named Shoobie, unfortunately I’ve been calling him Shuggie and then wondering why he’s not answering me. Another long drive tonight to Paris which will be a logistical workout and then a day off in London.

Another place in Hamburg where The Beatles didn’t play.

    • spank
    • November 22nd, 2012

    OK, who in the band thinks they’re Ace Frehley and is lugging around 8 full stacks of Marshall’s …. or is it BP who’s kit is so big (how big is it?) that he makes Neil Peart look like a piker.

    Happy Thanksgiving to all, especially everyone out on tour right now. Don’t eat too much Tim … err, I mean turkey …. save some room for pumpkin pie and beer.

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