Notes From Das Boot, 155

Linkoping, Sweden
The afternoon show at the Tavastia in Helsinki was better than I thought. The crowd was good and loud and kind of drunk. The same as it would have been at a night show. The house crew was really on top of everything. 10am load-ins suck but these guys came in hot and everything went like clockwork. One of the best things about playing the Tavastia is the record store next to it. I have no idea how to pronounce the name ( to do it properly I would need to cleave my tongue and add a second mouth, like most Finns have) but its a great record store. For me the gold standard of record stores is the late lamented Pier Platters of Hoboken and while this place isn’t close, it is a welcome oasis on tour, I spent too much money there as I always do. Anyhow, we were out of there by 7pm. The rest of the night consisted of wandering, drinking, some weeping, more drinking, arguing, drinking and finally off to Turku where we took another ferry back to Stockholm. The Turku-Stockholm ferry is worse than the Stockholm-Helsinki ferry. The Turku ferry is shorter (approx. 11hours) but it’s long enough to be boring, not long enough to get any real sleep, as they start cleaning rooms 2hours before arrival. Thank god that ends the hellish ferry part of the tour, and we got an actual hotel last night so we can return to an approximation of being human. Beds, showers, breakfast. Yahoo.

The record store whose name I can’t pronounce

Bob and Dave backstage at Tavastia

    • Make
    • November 19th, 2012

    Tavastia, not Tavistia. =)

    • feedtim
    • November 19th, 2012

    Thanks, I changed it

  1. I just love your stories about life on the road,

    Take the incident with the drunk couple blocking your way to your cabin on a Turku-Stockholm ferry, for example. This one made me laugh so hard that I nearly fell off the bed (I was reading it late at night, hence the bed).

    Although your excellent writing probably wasn’t the only thing that made me go bananas. I’ve seen the same thing happening every time I’ve traveled on one of those boats. We Finns have given a nickname for them floating circuses. They are oil platforms. Can you guess why?

    Usually the ferry is filled with drunk librarians and salesmen gone crazy. The combination usually leads to sex and a katastastrophe And afterwards more booze. Then vomiting. Booze. Sex again. Guilty conscience. Perfume and chocolate for the spouse and antibiotics for the partyanimal him/herself. This, my friends, is the essence of being a Finn…

    A funny thing happened to a friend of mine on a boat once. Heh had had a few too many and was feeling kinda sick. For some reason he walked up to the stage without even a hint of hesitation and vomited all over the houseband drummer . When he was done, he deciced to fall asleep on the drums.

    The staff had to close the nightclub for an hour.

    • Natalie Berry
    • November 19th, 2012

    Thanks for your very interesting and well-written comments on your tour. I’m Jan Lipert’s (Dave’s sister) best friend, and she sends me your blog. It is quite eye-opening to experience the realities of touring through your words! Best of luck-

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