Notes From Das Boot, 154

On a ferry between Turku, Finland and Stockholm
Last couple of days have been a whirlwind of disjointed travel, odd sleep and a couple of shows. The show in Tampere, Finland was alright, the lack of pre-sells bummed out Bobo our tour manager but I remembered last time we played here that we had a good walk up crowd. There was a good walk up crowd and it was a good show. During the set some drunk got behind the barriers at the front of house (the spot where the sound and light desks are) and was berating me about the sound:
Drunk: (in broken English)…HEY..HEY!…C’mon man…it’s a fucking concert…make it louder man!
[i get accosted from time to time about the sound, and explaining to drunks during a show that I do lights not sound really slows me down, so I usually ignore them]
Drunk: (now grabbing my arm)…HEYMAN…TURN IT UP…FUCKINGCONCERTMAN…
Me: Hey asshole…I do lights and the lights are as loud as they’re getting
Drunk: (not sure he believes me)………louder……….
And then a friend of his dragged him off and gave me a sheepish shrug.

Smaller pre-sales mean smaller bottles of bourbon

  1. Loud lights are even more interesting
    than bright sound.

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