Notes From Das Boot, 153

Tampere, Finland 11/16/12
Couldn’t sleep on the ferry last night so I went up to the empty dining room and went online, it was pretty great. When I was heading back to my cabin ( as us seafaring types like to call our rooms) there was a middle aged couple sprawled in the hallway right in my way. They were drunk and it looked like they had been starting to get amorous but were too drunk and ended up disheveled and somewhat intertwined. They were kind of big and I couldn’t step over them so I asked them to move
Me: excuse me, can I get by here
Guy: Blahhh! ( said in a Jerry Lewis type voice)
Me: I just…uh I…gotta get by…here…thanks
Guy:….uh…blarp…uhhhhahaha(this ended in a wet hacking cough)
Me: Man, I don’t even know what language you’re about I just take a different route..cause I don’t think you’re movin’…even if you wanted to
Guy: …hokay.uh…( more wet coughing).
Odd show tomorrow, we’re on at three in the afternoon. The club double booked us with Tech Nine. We drew short (early straw), should be lots of fun

From the best bratwurst stand in Hamburg

    • dd
    • November 16th, 2012

    sounds like my wedding night…..

  1. Lukullus-Bratwurst is just wrong!

    • Tim Cronin
    • November 19th, 2012

    As I’m not from there I guess I don’t know the good places. Quit hoarding all the bratwurst intel and tell me a good bratwurst emporium

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