Notes From Das Boot 151

Haugesund, Norway, 11/13/12
First show went off without too many hitches and now we’re onto show two at the Byscenen. A nice place except for the amazingly sticky floors, if the walls were this sticky we could walk up and down them. Although this place isn’t as sticky as a dive that we played in Cardiff, Wales a few years back(I forgot the name). The floor and stage were so sticky that Dave pulled his foot out of his shoe during the show. It’s raining and overcast again, something they do very well over here, a perfect day for grilled cheese and tomato soup
Another thing I did on our day off in Hamburg was sort out my suitcases (caution: no-doz alert ahead, due to the exciting or SEXciting nature of the following) I bring two suitcases for these tours, a bigger one or The Mothership and a smaller one or The Lunar Module. The Mothership holds everything, back up shoes, a rain jacket and a lot of shirts, socks and underwear, I keep this in the bus bay because it would be too big for bus living. The Lunar Module is a small carry on ( or carrion, depending on where I get my luggage), this has a few days of clean clothes and my shower stuff. A note on packing shower stuff: zip lock bags are your best friend when packing shampoos, toothpaste, shaving cream, and various salves and unguents. Of course if zip-lock bags are your best friend, you might have more problems then how to pack for a tour, but I digress. The sandwich size is usually a good place to start with individual items, then collect them in the gallon sized bag, I usually go one paranoid step further and put the gallon sized bags in a 2 1/2 gallon bag. Therefore insuring a minimum of mess if something inside should get squished or explode. Jesus, that was boring but it’s all part of amazing life on the road, huzzah!

My suitcases: The Mothership and The Lunar Module

The glory of Zip-Lock bags, praise them.

    • Chris Burns
    • November 13th, 2012

    I saw no mention of floss. This worries me.

      • spank
      • November 16th, 2012

      What worries me even more is that I see no mention of a toothbrush, never mind the floss …… maybe Tim does the “cowboy wash” thingy where he puts some toothpaste in his mouth, adds a little bit of water and attempts to gargles his teeth clean ….. or worse yet, uses a finger to brush the teeth.

      I hope if you do use the finger, it’s from the non-wiping hand and it’s AFTER you do your morning “business”.

        • spank
        • November 16th, 2012

        Dammit ….. I mean BEFORE your morning business, not AFTER

        Need more coffee ……

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