Notes from das Boot 150

Bergen, Norway 11/12/12
First show tonight at The Garage here in Bergen. We got here after a twenty hour ferry ride from Denmark (not as much fun as you’d think), The entertainment consisted of a variation on Bingo, with what looked like boxes of Wheat Thins as prizes and a Beatles cover band whose name I think is The All You Need is Loves, I may be wrong on that though. The Garage is a small club so it’s next to impossible to do projections but the club has a couple of liquid color wheels so it’ll be cool. The guy setting them up is very nice but his broken English (which is damn sight better than my non-existent Norwegian skills, which consist of me speaking English slowly with a cartoon like Swedish accent, a lot of “yah”) has me a bit confused as to what I will actually get liquid light-wise. The same guy just told me a story that concerned David Bovie, Elton John and a fat guy in a school boy suit, it was hard to tell what the hell was going on. I think even if I spoke Norwegian it would be hard to follow.
We had most of a day off in Hamburg before we set sail and I went to the local city fair which was cool, sort of like a bigger version of church fairs back home. It had a German thing going which was expected but a lot of culturally odd americanisms as well.

From the DOM Fair in Hamburg: The guy sitting on top of the corn was neither black nor white, he was grey. I don’t know if this because somebody was trying to be racially sensitive or it just got weathered

Also from the Fair: A really good Spare Rib

    • Chris Burns
    • November 12th, 2012

    I wonder if there’s a Norse equivalent to our Ole Olsen, “yumpin yimminy” type impression for their take on Americans? I think it might go something like this…”And for my next impression, here is an American Tim: hmmmm, yeah…uhhhhhh, mebbe…..huh, idunno…Thank you ladies and Norsemen, goodnight!!! See you in six months!

    • spank
    • November 13th, 2012

    “The same guy just told me a story that concerned David Bowie, Elton John and a fat guy in a school boy suit”

    So, Gustaf went and spilled the beans about my ménage à trois with Bowie & Elton, now didn’t he ??

    Great, now the whole world knows …. I’ll never tell that blabbermouth anything again.

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