Storm 3

Still no power, a couple of storm stories:
1) Went to Dunkin’ Donuts this morning. There was a long line and I held the door for an old woman. The line was moving quickly and the old woman got to the counter, I figured she would order a coffee or two at most. Wrong.
Old Woman: can I get a small coffee
Counter Woman: would you like milk and sugar?
OW: Yes
CW: Is that all?
OW: No, I’d like another small coffee
CW: With milk and sugar?
OW: No
CW: So you want it black?
OW: No
CW: Do you want milk but no sugar?
OW: Yes
This went on for about 10 coffees. Yeah, I know the old woman was doing a nice thing by taking on coffee duty but I was on my last nerve. A feeling of resigned despair came over me. And then she ordered donuts.
OW: a dozen please, Two chocolate…no not those…the chocolate ones…
CW: There’s a lot of chocolate ones…The chocolate frosted?
OW: No
CW: Do you want the plain Chocolate?
OW: No
This went on for what seemed like hours and then luckily the other register opened up and I got my coffee. (Kind of a weak ending)

2)When I got home from my coffee excursion, I was standing outside as it was warmer than it was inside and I saw a friend walk by walking his dog. He had power and we were griping about various storm related stuff. I had never met his dog so I went to pet it and:
Friend: …yeah that’s bullshit
Me: (Thinking: Is his dog’s name “Bullshit”. Remember I’m running on fumes here)…hey…(muttering) Bullshit…good dog.
Friend: (odd look)…I gotta go.
Me: Yeah me too…I’m really shot

  1. So, what you’re saying here is, the next great American novel will be called A Dog Named Bullshit.

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