We’re on our sixth day with no power here (I’m at work, not punched in if my boss is reading this). A lot of people in Red Bank got their power back, we ain’t one of them. The block behind us got power three days ago and their lights mock me. The rest of this could just be the same heartfelt but cookie cutter tales of one man’s reaction to the storm that I’m sure you read elsewhere, so I’ll spare you. (an example:) I was on a gas line for 2 1/2 hours and had a panic attack that I was gonna run out of gas before I got to the pump or they were gonna be out of gas and I was going to get into a fight and get arrested and have my car abandoned. Shit is kind of on a razor’s edge around here (the entire region), it wouldn’t be a stretch to see it devolve into chaos if things don’t get better faster. Well, that was a bunch of meandering blather. I’d also like to thank Robin, Mike and Lynn for showing Carrie, myself and the pup some well appreciated hospitality. Also, a hearty fuck you to AT&T

  1. Just a random fan of your blog writing to say I really hope things improve soon for you (and all the others in NJ in the same situation) … While my “glass half-full” side knows you will likely spin some fascinating stories out of the experience, the part of me that just spent four days flushing the toilet with a bucket knows that no power sucks, and agrees that six-plus days is getting dangerous. I always meant to write an email to you saying how terrific the blog is; the mix of graphic design, music, and record store commentary is a heap of fun. Here’s hoping this mess is over soon & you can get back to posting about Foodtown.

  2. Tim, stay strong, stay warm…we just got our power back on abut 30 minutes ago (it’s 9:00 PM Sunday night). It’s at it’s mildest depressing living in the dark and cold but that’s all quickly forgotten once the lights are on

    • joella
    • November 5th, 2012

    Another random fan of your blog here – glad you are all ok and hopefully everything will be back to normal (ish!) soon. Scary how things can spin out into chaos so quickly.

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