I got nothin’

I have hit  goddamned brick wall/writing block and I got nothin’. Here are the only things I had over the last two weeks:

*Those new fucking Toyota Prius ad’s. I’m all for green energy but that cutesy bullshit has gone overboard. Those commercials make me want to drive around in a flatbed truck with a tire fire in the back.

*A musical based on NPR Morning Edition host Soterios Johnson. All I have is one couplet “Oh Soterios, you can’t be serious”.

* I thought that comedian Paul Scheer would be able to play Hugo Weavings Matrix character, Agent Smith but I found no photographs to support this.

I will hopefully have something more substantial soon.

Paul Scheer could do this, right?

    • David
    • October 19th, 2012
    • feedtim
    • October 19th, 2012

    yes, exactly. Just with more hair

    • Chris Burns
    • October 19th, 2012

    Okay, Tim, time for a pep talk: get to Foodtown, Starbucks, 7-11 and Whole Foods and start mixing it up with the help and other customers. Engage the elderly in conversation. Call your cable company and complain about reception, or better yet, programming on Telemundo. Look up frequently from overpricing old Perez Prado LP’s to confront whoever is within eyesight or earshot. Dare the dog to do something annoying. Flip through the family album for more mortifying memories. I could go on, but the bottom line is we need more product around here, and you’re dragging what’s left of your once ample ass. Get Busy! – Cappy Dick

      • spank
      • October 19th, 2012

      Yeah, what he said ….. I know at least one jerk off who walks in there on a regular basis.

    • spank
    • October 19th, 2012

    I got a idea for you … feed Lucy some under-cooked chicken*, leave your favorite records on the floor and let the hilarity ensue !!!

    *OK, this is just a joke people …. I, in no way, would ever want to see Lucy be sick for any reason, I’m just throwing this out there for humor purposes only …. although it would be funny as shit (pun intended) to hear about Tim trying to clean dog diarrhea out of the grooves of his favorite records.

  1. yeah man, just make something up. halloween’s coming, tell a ghost story. share some old mischief night hijinx. write an extremely outdated review of a cool beans tape. share some ancient monster magnet artifacts (or daisy cutter for that matter). go back to delicious orchards and find the scariest apple that resembles something you’d NEVER want to eat and tell us about it. and i’m still waiting for the latest news from the pretzel council (probably the only person on earth waiting for that info. LOL)
    just fill our empty lives. PLEASE.

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