Mike Love’s history of being a dick

Mike Love’s firing of the other surviving members of The Beach Boys for an upcoming tour is another in a long line of questionable moves he has made in his life, others include

*Investing all of The Beach Boys money in Mike Love’s Hats and Such. A failed chain of hat and hat accessory stores.

*Suggesting to Charles Manson that he should give up music and start a murderous cult.

*Replacing the members of The Beach Boys with the entire cast of Full House.

*Replacing the members of The Beach Boys with the entire cast of Barney Miller.

*Temporarily changing the name to The Beach Boyz, in an attempt to cash in with a hipper, urban audience.

*Tried to adopt Brian Wilson, twice.

*Attempted to set up a steel cage death match between Paul McCartney and Brian Wilson.

*Claiming to have written all of Brian Wilson’s songs but giving Wilson credit, because he felt bad for him.

  1. yes, some of the other band names were: “Beach-Boyz-2-men” and “Beach boyz-in-the-hood.” It was a Hip-hop, rapping
    , surfer kind-of-a-thingy…

    • Klutch
    • September 28th, 2012

    I can’t stand that asshole

  2. Reblogged this on juliazapcic and commented:
    At 5 in the morning, after unsuccessfully trying to get back to sleep….I read this. And laugh, and laugh, and laugh. Go read the one about apples, too.

    • spank
    • October 2nd, 2012

    Bullshit ….. that’s Phil Collins when he was in the Navy.

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