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I Hate Me, part 199,026

My band had a show and we got home kind of late. When we got home I had to use the bathroom. As I’m standing in there (Note: there’s not really any way to describe it pleasantly, but you get the idea.) I saw a bug on the wall, it was a silverfish. As I’ve described before (please see, I Hate Me, part 4,998,001 aka INSECTICON!) one of my husbandly duties is bug eradication. I didn’t want to squish it with my hand, because eeeccchhhh that’s disgusting. So I used a foaming soap dispenser. Now in hindsight maybe I should have just squished the bug with the dispenser, it would have been easier. But no, I decided I would drown it in foaming soap. I’m still going to the bathroom and I’m shooting this soap foam all over the wall. The silverfish for his part is running around avoiding the foam like Gale Sayers avoiding tacklers. I finished going to the bathroom and was concentrating on killing the silverfish. My way, with a foaming soap dispenser. By this time there’s foaming soap all over over the bathroom wall and I’m cursing.
Carrie- “Are you ok in there?”
Me- “yeah yeah..I just dropped something”
The silverfish for it’s part had run through a crack in the molding and was probably having a tiny silverfish beer with his chums laughing about the idiot with the foaming soap, “Why didn’t he just squish me with the dispenser? What an idiot”. It took me about fifteen minutes to clean all the soap off the walls.