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Red Bank: The ads, 1972 (pt.2)

Here’s some more ads from Red Bank area businesses, 1972 [click on image to enlarge]

Red Bank: The ads, 1972 (pt.1)


These next couple of days are going to be very Red Bank-centric. My wife found a Red Bank Fire Department centennial booklet (1872-1972)and while there are a bunch of books with pictures of old Red Bank, there hasn’t been much showing the old ads. These are from the business directory section of the booklet, lots of old clip art. Yippee. [click on image to enlarge]

The guy from Progressive insurance congratulates the Fire Dept.

…and thinks about buying a car

Please note the majestic Red Bank Mountains

Sunday Music 8/12/12

Floyd Morris-A Mellow Mood
From what I gleaned online this is originally from 1968 on the BBS label, also that Floyd Morris was a pianist in the ’60s who played with The Oscar Brown Trio and The Red Holt Trio. I found it on a great comp called Soulin’ Volume 1, on Moonshine records. I bought it from the Norton Records table at the WFMU Record Fair a couple of years ago.

Soulin’ Volume 1


(sorry, no sex. despite the title)
There’s a customer who’s my nemesis. He’s a like a projection from my mind of every annoying customer trait rolled up into a mini-golem with an unblinking, impassive cow like demeanor. And he has impeccable timing, I won’t see him for weeks and just when I’m having a particularly rotten day he appears:
-You got Rob Domas?
+Do you mean Rob THOMAS,the guy from…uh…Match…Book…something…20 Matchbook 20?
-Rob Domas
+Thomas with a T or Domas with a D?
+Yes what? …T or D?
[I looked it up, of course no Rob Domas]
+Well, there’s nobody named Rob Domas
-Is it under D?
+No….There’s is no Rob Domas…at least none making music…it doesn’t exist…nothing…Rob THOMAS however has some cd’s …and we file him with Matchbook…Matchbox…Aughhh…Matchfuck..Fuckers…aaaugh.
-….You got that?
+[now completely defeated]…yes.

singer for Matchfuck Fuckers

George Grosz: Ecce Homo

George Grosz (1893-1959) was a German artist known mainly for his savage caricatures. These are from Ecce Homo (1923), a collection of pieces showing his take on post WWI Germany.
“In Grosz’s Germany, everything and everybody is for sale. All human transactions, except for the class solidarity of the workers, are poisoned. The world is owned by four breeds of pig: the capitalist, the officer, the priest and the hooker, whose other form is the sociable wife. He was one of the hanging judges of art.” -Robert Hughes (oddly enough, I just heard Hughes died as I was writing this) [click on image to enlarge]

Sunday Music 8/5/12

Screaming Trees-Invisible Lantern
This is from the title track from the Screaming Trees third album, released in 1988. These guys were from the Seattle area(Ellensburg)but released most of their stuff on SST instead of Sub-Pop. I thought these guys never got their due. This is my favorite record by them, great psych-rock and Mark Lanegan might be the best singer around, then and now. When I was singing for Monster Magnet and my position was at best tenuous (outside of a shaky voice, I had the stage presence of a guy looking for his keys on the ground) I took vocal lessons, which consisted of me singing “The Lady is a Tramp” over and over again. Anyhow, the voice teacher asked who I thought was a good singer, I brought a copy of Invisible Lantern. He listened, shook his head and said “you’re not gonna sound like that.”

I Hate Me, Part 288,316

I was going to the bank. When I got out of my car, my back was stiff and I did a really awkward stretch, like a retarded bear doing warm up exercises. I hoped nobody had seen me but then I saw a guy working on the bank roof. and it looked like he was giving me the International “Hey, Jerk Off” Hand Gesture (IHJOHG). Really? Is this guy giving me shit because of my stretch? I know I looked like an idiot but, c’mon. So as I was going into the bank I was staring up at him. Not looking to start a fight, but trying to figure out why he was hassling me. He finally looked down at me and glared and I saw that  he wasn’t giving me the IHJOHG but he was cleaning out a paint sprayer with a wire hanger. Safely inside, I did my banking and when I left I walked close to the building to avoid detection. Once out of his line of view, I walked around another building and went to my car from a different direction. There was nobody on the roof, when I drove off.

not to be confused with cleaning out a paint sprayer with a wire hanger