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I Hate Me, part 104,111/I LIKE RECORDS 70

I often play a game in my head where I would cast imaginary movies (ie: Charlton Heston would have made a really good Nick Fury). Anyhow, working with records as I do, I always thought that Kelsey Grammer would have made a great Harry Chapin in the never to be made biopic CHAPIN! Who am I going to share this info with? Nobody, and for good reason, who gives a shit. So, a few weeks ago I was looking at a large collection of records and there was a lot of Harry Chapin lp’s. So I saw my chance to share with someone my Grammer as Chapin idea.
Me-Wow, you have a lot of Harry Chapin.
Woman Selling Records- Yes, he was great…and a good person, a humanitarian…
Me-..mmm ya know if you were making a Harry Chapin movie, Kelsey Grammer…he would have been a good Harry Chapin………he’s a little too old now….but…yeah…he would have been the one….to do it
Woman Selling Records-….no…
And we spoke no more of Chapin or Grammer.

[NOTE: I couldn’t find any picture where Chapin or Grammer looked alike enough to bolster my story. So I may have been wrong about the resemblance.]