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I Hate Me, Part 216,090

This happened quite a while ago, before I was married or even dating Carrie. I was sharing a house and my roommate was a slob like me. Think two Oscar Madison’s or actually one Oscar Madison and one Super, Mechagodzilla-Oscar Madison. If I’m considered the neat one, there’s some problems. Anyhow, my roommate was expecting a girlfriend of his to come by and stay for awhile. The house was a gigantic mess. There was a lot of food encrusted, petrified dishes, pots, pans, and utensils. The dishwasher was broken and they really needed to be soaked. So I filled up an old metal garbage can in the back yard with hot soapy water and put everything in there to soak. And left it there. We had enough dishes, etc. to get by so it wasn’t a huge priority. After about a week you couldn’t see any of the dishes, it was a just a garbage can filled with greasy brackish water. After two weeks it started to smell bad. After about a month, I punctured the side of the can with a shovel, drained the fetid water and just dragged the garbage can to the curb, everything was thrown out and I bought new pots, pans, and dishes.