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Sunday Music 8/5/12

Screaming Trees-Invisible Lantern
This is from the title track from the Screaming Trees third album, released in 1988. These guys were from the Seattle area(Ellensburg)but released most of their stuff on SST instead of Sub-Pop. I thought these guys never got their due. This is my favorite record by them, great psych-rock and Mark Lanegan might be the best singer around, then and now. When I was singing for Monster Magnet and my position was at best tenuous (outside of a shaky voice, I had the stage presence of a guy looking for his keys on the ground) I took vocal lessons, which consisted of me singing “The Lady is a Tramp” over and over again. Anyhow, the voice teacher asked who I thought was a good singer, I brought a copy of Invisible Lantern. He listened, shook his head and said “you’re not gonna sound like that.”