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I Hate Me, Part 288,316

I was going to the bank. When I got out of my car, my back was stiff and I did a really awkward stretch, like a retarded bear doing warm up exercises. I hoped nobody had seen me but then I saw a guy working on the bank roof. and it looked like he was giving me the International “Hey, Jerk Off” Hand Gesture (IHJOHG). Really? Is this guy giving me shit because of my stretch? I know I looked like an idiot but, c’mon. So as I was going into the bank I was staring up at him. Not looking to start a fight, but trying to figure out why he was hassling me. He finally looked down at me and glared and I saw that  he wasn’t giving me the IHJOHG but he was cleaning out a paint sprayer with a wire hanger. Safely inside, I did my banking and when I left I walked close to the building to avoid detection. Once out of his line of view, I walked around another building and went to my car from a different direction. There was nobody on the roof, when I drove off.

not to be confused with cleaning out a paint sprayer with a wire hanger