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I Hate Me, part 104,111/I LIKE RECORDS 70

I often play a game in my head where I would cast imaginary movies (ie: Charlton Heston would have made a really good Nick Fury). Anyhow, working with records as I do, I always thought that Kelsey Grammer would have made a great Harry Chapin in the never to be made biopic CHAPIN! Who am I going to share this info with? Nobody, and for good reason, who gives a shit. So, a few weeks ago I was looking at a large collection of records and there was a lot of Harry Chapin lp’s. So I saw my chance to share with someone my Grammer as Chapin idea.
Me-Wow, you have a lot of Harry Chapin.
Woman Selling Records- Yes, he was great…and a good person, a humanitarian…
Me-..mmm ya know if you were making a Harry Chapin movie, Kelsey Grammer…he would have been a good Harry Chapin………he’s a little too old now….but…yeah…he would have been the one….to do it
Woman Selling Records-….no…
And we spoke no more of Chapin or Grammer.

[NOTE: I couldn’t find any picture where Chapin or Grammer looked alike enough to bolster my story. So I may have been wrong about the resemblance.]

Sha Na Na: From the Streets of New York

Sha Na Na was (still is?) an oldies “When rock was fun” band. They played Woodstock and had their own TV show. This is the cover from one of their records From The Streets of New York, it’s pretty odd [click on image to enlarge]

at first glance it just looks dumb, but…

Sunday Music: 8/26/12

John Bradley & His Swinging Soul Seekers-Everybody’s Gettin’ Soul
Man, I could not find any info on this guy. Crazy, repetitive horn work-out, with a cool breakdown part. I found it on The Socker! compilation (2006, Socker)

Eighth Graphic Arts Production Yearbook (1948), pt.2

This is where it gets more geeky. About 100 different art techniques on a photograph. This is the post where I lose everybody, enjoy. [Click on image to enlarge]

Eighth Graphic Arts Production Yearbook (1948), pt.1

My mom worked for Gulistan Rugs as an interior decorator in the late forties.The Eighth Graphic Arts Production Yearbook (1948, Colton Press) is from her time there, it’s kind of nerdy stuff but I like it. [click on image to enlarge]
























I Hate Me, Part 216,090

This happened quite a while ago, before I was married or even dating Carrie. I was sharing a house and my roommate was a slob like me. Think two Oscar Madison’s or actually one Oscar Madison and one Super, Mechagodzilla-Oscar Madison. If I’m considered the neat one, there’s some problems. Anyhow, my roommate was expecting a girlfriend of his to come by and stay for awhile. The house was a gigantic mess. There was a lot of food encrusted, petrified dishes, pots, pans, and utensils. The dishwasher was broken and they really needed to be soaked. So I filled up an old metal garbage can in the back yard with hot soapy water and put everything in there to soak. And left it there. We had enough dishes, etc. to get by so it wasn’t a huge priority. After about a week you couldn’t see any of the dishes, it was a just a garbage can filled with greasy brackish water. After two weeks it started to smell bad. After about a month, I punctured the side of the can with a shovel, drained the fetid water and just dragged the garbage can to the curb, everything was thrown out and I bought new pots, pans, and dishes.

Sunday Music: 8/19/12

Thelma Jones-Mr. Fix-It
This is originally from 1968 on the Barry label. I found it on the CD, All The Ladies Need Funk: All Girl Funk & Soul Riot (2002 Parlour records). Don’t know much about Ms. Jones,. Great as this CD is, there’s not much info in it.

Red Bank: The ads, 1972 (pt.2)

Here’s some more ads from Red Bank area businesses, 1972 [click on image to enlarge]

Red Bank: The ads, 1972 (pt.1)


These next couple of days are going to be very Red Bank-centric. My wife found a Red Bank Fire Department centennial booklet (1872-1972)and while there are a bunch of books with pictures of old Red Bank, there hasn’t been much showing the old ads. These are from the business directory section of the booklet, lots of old clip art. Yippee. [click on image to enlarge]

The guy from Progressive insurance congratulates the Fire Dept.

…and thinks about buying a car

Please note the majestic Red Bank Mountains

Sunday Music 8/12/12

Floyd Morris-A Mellow Mood
From what I gleaned online this is originally from 1968 on the BBS label, also that Floyd Morris was a pianist in the ’60s who played with The Oscar Brown Trio and The Red Holt Trio. I found it on a great comp called Soulin’ Volume 1, on Moonshine records. I bought it from the Norton Records table at the WFMU Record Fair a couple of years ago.

Soulin’ Volume 1