I Like Records 68

It was about 8pm, Red Bank was getting hit with a really bad rainstorm. Black clouds, sideways rain, howling wind, no customers. And then a guy walks in, completely drenched:
-I’m lookin’ for something for my sister…
-The Secret, it’s new
[I looked it up couldn’t find anything remotely new with that name]
+Is that a band or an album title?
-I don’t know
+You don’t know if it’s a band
-It’s not a band
+So it’s an album title
-No, it’s not that either…I don’t know what it is…it’s something
+Is it a secret?
-No, it’s THE SECRET….her name is Rhonda something
[I googled “The Secret”, “Rhonda”]
+Do you mean the self help BOOK The Secret by Rhonda Byrne…it was big on Oprah?
-Yeah, that’s it..you got it?
+No, I’m sorry. We don’t sell books on tape.
-I don’t wanna tape I want a CD
+Ok…we don’t sell any audio books..on CD
-Well, where am I gonna get it?
+Your best bet would be amazon.com…or Barnes & Noble might have it
-Barnes and what?
+Noble, Barnes & Noble…they’re a giant bookstore chain…mostly at malls.
-mmmmmm..ok…so you don’t have it?
and he was off.

shhhh…it’s a secret

    • spank
    • July 27th, 2012

    This story would have been soooooo much more interesting if the guy started with “I’m looking for someONE for my sister” …. Tim would say “Well, look no further, cause I’m your man” and then it’s “boom chick-a wah wah” music time.

    • chris
    • July 27th, 2012

    “and he was off”… i think that guy was a bit off before he walked into jacks that night. BTW – did ya see the simpsons episode where they parody that book?

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