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I Like Records 68

It was about 8pm, Red Bank was getting hit with a really bad rainstorm. Black clouds, sideways rain, howling wind, no customers. And then a guy walks in, completely drenched:
-I’m lookin’ for something for my sister…
-The Secret, it’s new
[I looked it up couldn’t find anything remotely new with that name]
+Is that a band or an album title?
-I don’t know
+You don’t know if it’s a band
-It’s not a band
+So it’s an album title
-No, it’s not that either…I don’t know what it is…it’s something
+Is it a secret?
-No, it’s THE SECRET….her name is Rhonda something
[I googled “The Secret”, “Rhonda”]
+Do you mean the self help BOOK The Secret by Rhonda Byrne…it was big on Oprah?
-Yeah, that’s got it?
+No, I’m sorry. We don’t sell books on tape.
-I don’t wanna tape I want a CD
+Ok…we don’t sell any audio books..on CD
-Well, where am I gonna get it?
+Your best bet would be…or Barnes & Noble might have it
-Barnes and what?
+Noble, Barnes & Noble…they’re a giant bookstore chain…mostly at malls.
-mmmmmm..ok…so you don’t have it?
and he was off.

shhhh…it’s a secret