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new record

I’m taking a few days off from posting. My band The Ribeye Brothers is recording a new record and I have to massage my 1/4 octave vocal range into something that resembles listenable and write some words that don’t sound like a mean spirited greeting card. We’ve been trying to come up with an album title and since none of us can agree we’re just going to name it after a song on the record. Here were some of the titles that we couldn’t agree on:
Ribeye Brothers IV-SoSo
Obscured by Clods
Your Pie, Sir
Cakes for all Occasions
Give the People What They Don’t Want
Super Fez, Big Mufti (a tribute to North African rock)
Tales from the Alcoholic Oceans
Worm Apartment Guide
The Horses are Shooting Themselves
A Day at the Zoo
Songs From The Kissing Booth
Everything Went Brown
What the Clown is Fucking
Rubber Tires, Nylon Hose, Bourbon, Butter, and Other Picture Postcards