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The Mechanical Horse/Pony

Over the years I’ve gotten some pretty good bookshelves and chairs on “big garbage night” or as the town calls it “Large Trash Pickup”. Red Bank has these a couple of times a year. The night before the pickup when the curbs are filled with the oversized and the unwanted, it’s like a town wide garage sale for ghosts. Most of the stuff we put out at the last one was gone before the town trucks came by. A couple of days after the last one my wife saw a freakish mechanical horse/pony standing guard outside a neighbors house. It was too late for the pickup and was just sitting there in hopes that someone would take it. We ended up with it. It’s now sitting on our porch taking up room and making the dog act suspicious. There’s a giant hole in it’s stomach where the batteries used to go, I suggested that we film the mechanical horse/pony giving birth to our dog Lucy in some horror movie infused unholy c-section. Carrie’s not really on board with the idea but I signed the dog to a three picture deal.

The horse with no name

The battery womb

The star of “Unholy Horse Dog Birth!”, (the title might need some punching up)