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I Hate Me, part 159,106

I was coming out of Starbucks and a frantic guy was standing in front of Chase, he was yelling to me:
Do you know where there’s a Chase bank around here?!…CHASE!
Yeah, you’re standing right in front of it.
Instead of looking at the building and seeing that it was in fact Chase, he squinted his eyes and gave an unbelieving glare. I pointed to the bank , “Yeah… it’s right there.” Again a stare, “I’m not makin’ it up man, the bank is right there…see for yourself.” He finally looked at the bank, looked back at me, made a lemon face and walked carefully into the bank. He did it like he was expecting an elaborate hoax and the the bank would close up around him and he’d be whisked off to parts unknown. Unfortunately this didn’t happen. [click on “map” to enlarge]