Graphis Posters 75 (part 3)

…and some more posters from Graphis Posters 75    [click on image to enlarge]

India-Suresh Sheth

India-Suresh Sheth

North Viet Nam-Tran Nguyen Dan

Poland-Wiktor Gorka

UK-Oscar Zarate

Italy-Ettore Vitale

USA-Marshall Arisman

USA-Seymour Chwast

USA-Chris Blum

Netherlands-Hans Versteeg

USA-Milton Glaser

USA-John J Sorbie

Switzerland-Werner Jeker




    • spank
    • June 22nd, 2012

    “Cyrk” translated to English means “Tim”.

    Hey Tim, don’t go ape shit on me, I’m only monkey-ing around, I don’t want you flinging poo at me next time I walk into Jack’s.

    So, when are you going back to your other job of testing the strength of Samsonite luggage ….

      • spank
      • June 22nd, 2012

      Ooops, my bad …. it was American Tourister luggage you were testing.

      Anyway, here’s a clip of Tim hard at work ….

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