Obama shirts for dogs

Designer Marc Jacobs has already dressed some of the most famous women on the planet and now Democrat dogs can sport his creations, thanks to Runway to Win, a project by fashion designers in support of Barack Obama’s re-election campaign. But this isn’t the first time that designers have entered the political arena on the backs of animals:
*in the 1992 presidential election, designer Michael Kors made a suit jacket containing live shrimp. The shrimp spelled out “Shrimp For Clinton” when a subtle electric current was supplied by the jackets wearer.

*In the 1972 election, Geoffrey Beene designed a dog shirt for the Nixon campaign that emphasized Nixon’s firm law and order stance. The shirt read “I attack for Nixon”.

*In the election of 1948 Christian Dior, in support of Harry Truman made intricate costumes for trained doves that were to spell out “Doves for Truman” during the Democratic National Convention. Unfortunately the doves were attacked by a group of hawks who were wearing tiny hats that said “Hawks for Dewey”. This was a major blow to to the Truman campaign and was one of the main reasons the election was so close.

    • spank
    • June 17th, 2012

    James K. Polk went a different route in his presidential campaign. He saw that men were mostly dog owners (and polls showed he had the male vote locked up), so he tried to court the female vote* with a feline twist … He billed himself as “Jimmy the Cool Cat” and his slogan was “Pussies For Polk … cause we need some pussy in the White House”.

    Mrs. Polk wanted another slogan … “Polk for President, he’d be ‘purr-fect’ for the job” but James didn’t like it. Rumor has it that when he heard her suggestion, he threw the family cat at her and yelled “Get back in the kitchen and make some noise with those pots and pans”. The mainstream press ignored those rumors, which would have derailed his campaign.

    * Yeah, I know, wimmens didn’t have the right to vote back then, but that don’t fit with the narrative of my sorty, so just shaddup about it.

      • spank
      • June 17th, 2012

      dammit, that’s “narrative of my STORY” …. where’s the damn edit button when you need it … or maybe that’s what naturally happens when you post with a hangover.

  1. barn owls barf on bush.

    • Mitch Cumstein
    • June 22nd, 2012

    More metaphoric than you may think.

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