New York City Department Nicknames

[I got nothin’ today, here’s a reprint from a couple of years ago.]

1)N.Y. Police Department——————————New York’s Finest
2)N.Y. Fire Department———————————New York’s Bravest
3)N.Y. Sanitation Department————————-New York’s Strongest
4)N.Y. Department of Mime—————————-New York’s Strangest
5)N.Y. Department of Animal Control—————-New York’s Bitey-est
6)N.Y. Department of Blankets————————New York’s Lintiest
7)N.Y. Department of Feedback & Distortion——-New York’s Noisiest
8)N.Y. Department of Toll Takers———————New York’s Snottiest
9)N.Y. Department of Knives & Pointy Objects—New York’s Stabbiest
10)N.Y. Department of Suits—————————New York’s Dapperest

    • Jason Silverio
    • June 1st, 2012

    Don’t forget N.Y. Department of Departments —— New York’s Departmentestiest

    • spank
    • June 2nd, 2012

    While were on the subject of New York, how about those N.Y. Mets and Johan Santana !!!!

    Wow, what a game last night, that last inning was a nail biter … I’m pacing back and forth, all the time going “C’mon, c’mon, get this done”. I haven’t been this wound up over a Met’s game since Game 6 in ’86. Special props to Baxter for going all out on his spectacular catch (hope he’s OK).

    After all Johan has been thru with his injury, to come back and just be effective is no small feat, but to cap it off with a no hitter is simply AMAZIN’. Hope you saw it live, it was a special moment for Met’s fans … I love seeing history being made, even if it’s only sports history.

    No-han Santana, thanks for the thrill …. Let’s Go Met’s !!!!

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