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The Mechanical Horse/Pony

Over the years I’ve gotten some pretty good bookshelves and chairs on “big garbage night” or as the town calls it “Large Trash Pickup”. Red Bank has these a couple of times a year. The night before the pickup when the curbs are filled with the oversized and the unwanted, it’s like a town wide garage sale for ghosts. Most of the stuff we put out at the last one was gone before the town trucks came by. A couple of days after the last one my wife saw a freakish mechanical horse/pony standing guard outside a neighbors house. It was too late for the pickup and was just sitting there in hopes that someone would take it. We ended up with it. It’s now sitting on our porch taking up room and making the dog act suspicious. There’s a giant hole in it’s stomach where the batteries used to go, I suggested that we film the mechanical horse/pony giving birth to our dog Lucy in some horror movie infused unholy c-section. Carrie’s not really on board with the idea but I signed the dog to a three picture deal.

The horse with no name

The battery womb

The star of “Unholy Horse Dog Birth!”, (the title might need some punching up)


I Hate Me, part 159,106

I was coming out of Starbucks and a frantic guy was standing in front of Chase, he was yelling to me:
Do you know where there’s a Chase bank around here?!…CHASE!
Yeah, you’re standing right in front of it.
Instead of looking at the building and seeing that it was in fact Chase, he squinted his eyes and gave an unbelieving glare. I pointed to the bank , “Yeah… it’s right there.” Again a stare, “I’m not makin’ it up man, the bank is right there…see for yourself.” He finally looked at the bank, looked back at me, made a lemon face and walked carefully into the bank. He did it like he was expecting an elaborate hoax and the the bank would close up around him and he’d be whisked off to parts unknown. Unfortunately this didn’t happen. [click on “map” to enlarge]

Graphis Posters 75 (part 3)

…and some more posters from Graphis Posters 75    [click on image to enlarge]

India-Suresh Sheth

India-Suresh Sheth

North Viet Nam-Tran Nguyen Dan

Poland-Wiktor Gorka

UK-Oscar Zarate

Italy-Ettore Vitale

USA-Marshall Arisman

USA-Seymour Chwast

USA-Chris Blum

Netherlands-Hans Versteeg

USA-Milton Glaser

USA-John J Sorbie

Switzerland-Werner Jeker




Graphis Posters 75 (part 2)

More stuff from Graphis Posters 75[click on image to enlarge]

Poland-FVB Starowieyski

Poland-FVB Starowieyski

UK-John Carrod

Germany-Christof Gassner

USA-Gary Goldstein

Japan-no info, for Parco dept. store

Japan-Otaro Tomoeda

USA-Lanny Sommese

Hungary-Tibor Helenyi

Switzerland-Werner Jeker

USA-Tadanori Yokoo


Graphis Posters 75 (part 1)

This is from a trade book collecting posters (advertising, political, social, decorative) that was published in 1975. Most of these posters seem to be from ’74 or ’73. [click on image to enlarge]

Poland-Franciszek Starowieyski

USA-Lanny Sommese

Germany-Bruno K Weise

Germany-Gerd Grimm

USA- John & Barbara Casado

USA-John & Barbara Casado

Italy-Paul Peter Piech

Germany-Holger Matthies

Germany-Sybille Knels, Dietz Ralle

Germany-Ideelismus GmbH

Japan-Tadanori Yokoo

Hungary-Tibor Helenyi

USA-Thomas Wood


Sunday Music 6/17/12

Liars-Broken Witch
This little slice of nightmare is from the Liars second album They Were Wrong so We Drowned (2004). I haven’t really kept up with these guys and I just got a copy of their new album (WIXIW) which reminded me how much I liked this album. And Christ, this album sounds a lot like P.I.L.-Flowers of Romance, so why not play something off of that, or something/anything else that’s maybe not so…grating. I wish I had a decent answer, maybe it’s the way the word “Blood” is chanted over the last thirty seconds. Enjoy!

Obama shirts for dogs

Designer Marc Jacobs has already dressed some of the most famous women on the planet and now Democrat dogs can sport his creations, thanks to Runway to Win, a project by fashion designers in support of Barack Obama’s re-election campaign. But this isn’t the first time that designers have entered the political arena on the backs of animals:
*in the 1992 presidential election, designer Michael Kors made a suit jacket containing live shrimp. The shrimp spelled out “Shrimp For Clinton” when a subtle electric current was supplied by the jackets wearer.

*In the 1972 election, Geoffrey Beene designed a dog shirt for the Nixon campaign that emphasized Nixon’s firm law and order stance. The shirt read “I attack for Nixon”.

*In the election of 1948 Christian Dior, in support of Harry Truman made intricate costumes for trained doves that were to spell out “Doves for Truman” during the Democratic National Convention. Unfortunately the doves were attacked by a group of hawks who were wearing tiny hats that said “Hawks for Dewey”. This was a major blow to to the Truman campaign and was one of the main reasons the election was so close.

Collages 5

Here’s some more collages I made from discarded album covers:

Met’s rumors

A&P Press 6/11/12
by Eddie Yost

The New York Mets are vigorously denying reports concerning a grisly solution to first baseman Ike Davis’s hitting woes. Davis, in his third year was once one of the bright spots in the Mets organization but health issues and an anemic batting average (.167) are troubling.
The shocking rumors state that a ritualistic sacrifice of ex-Met hero and current SNY television announcer Keith Hernandez was considered. Furthermore, Hernandez’s skin was to be fashioned into an unholy uniform for Davis to wear. The hopes being that this would appease the fickle baseball Gods and turn Davis’s season around.
An anonymous source close to the situation said in part, “Yeah, they (the Mets) talked to Hernandez’s people about the sacrifice thing…you know make a big deal out of it, giant stone alter in center field, fire works.. a real event. Of course his (Hernandez’s) people were not into it, at all. Frankly they were appalled..bad scene…believe me, the Metsie’s are gonna need to mend a lot of fences there. But Christ, they gotta do something. Management would be happy if Davis was hitting as good as (Ed) Kranepool or even Tim Harkness.”

Sunday Music 6/10/12

Ebonics-Rock & Roll/Partytime
Here are both songs from the A-Side of the Ebonics  single on Daggerman Records, which I think came out in 2010. These guys are/were from San Francisco, I never heard anything else by them. Sloppy, noisy, garage punk. Yeah, I know that’s a trite description, but it fits. This kind of shit doesn’t need to be over analyzed. [click on arrow below to play]