One of the odder phone calls I’ve gotten:
-Do You Have Curb Your Enthusiasm?
+Yes, we have seasons one thru seven.
-..mmmmm which one is the funniest?
+uh…I dunno…the first three seasons are pretty strong.
-Do you have the one with Leon and the Blacks
[This was the season 6 story arc. A family from New Orleans named the Blacks live with Larry after they were displaced by Hurricane Katrina]
+Yeah..we got that.
-How did the Blacks end up with Larry
[I explained the basic plot line.]
-Hmmm…cause you know a lot of blacks live with families in L.A.
+Uhhh….ehrrrm..uh I don’t …know…what…you’re…uh talking…
-You know…the mother…they call her mom, she does the cooking…and the man will drive the car…it’s hilarious
+Yeah…I don’t know about that
Well, I’m telling you…I know people out there…producers, directors…people…and they have families of blacks living in their houses working for them…whole families…it’s very funny…
+What’s funny…people working?
No silly…It’s just…it’s just like Larry David…hilarious…ok then, I’ll be down to look at your DVD’s

  1. call me crazy but i think there may been alcohol involved…

    • spank
    • May 31st, 2012

    “You can’t pause toast Larry, you lose the essence of the toast”.

    – Leon Black, philosopher and unwanted house guest.

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