Two smaller stories:
1) Overheard in the sheet music department. “My teacher has a recurring nightmare, he’s in Cats but they won’t tell him what part so he has to try on all the costumes.”
2)Guy who comes in fairly frequently, I think he’s always a bit drunk.

Guy-hey my man, I’m lookin’ for Miiiiiiiles Davissss.

Me-sure, right over here

Guy- You know the one I want…

Me- Kind of Blue?…

Guy-Noooooo….you know…

Me-Bitches Brew?

Guy-whaaa?….no…no…it’s a …uh…JAMES BROWN!

Me-Miles Davis has a record called James Brown?

Guy-…???…No…I want James Brown the one with the hits

Me-We have his greatest hits

Guy-(looks at cd).. these ARE his greatest hits…sold.

    • Chris Burns
    • May 14th, 2012

    Kind of Brown.

    • spank
    • May 14th, 2012

    Hey, what the fuck (hiccup) is sooooo wrong with being a weeeee bit drunk all the (burrrrrp) time ??

    Go suck on an AA coin, Mr. Carrie Nation …. (vomit) …. somebody pleeeeze point me in the die-wreck-shun of the nearest establishment of alcoholic libations.

    Otis Campbell is my hero.

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