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I Hate Me, Part 251,900

I’ve been helping my boss move the last few days so I’m a mess, here’s a few short things that might add up to one crummy blog.
1)Had a dream the other night that was kind of like the Twilight Zone episode, Time Enough at Last. Burgess Merideth is a book worm who never has a enough time to read , so the world gets blown up and he’s left with a shitload of books. Yahoo, and then he breaks his glasses and he can’t see (cue the “wah waah” horn sound). In my dream the world ends and I have time to listen to all my records and then my ears fall off.

Just like my dream. Except it's me, a stack of records and no ears

2)I was driving my wife to work this morning and I had Camper Van Beethoven’s first album Telephone Free Landslide Victory playing. The song was Border Ska and it’s this bouncy south of the border ska thing. We were at a stop sign and I was doing some ridiculous arm dance/flailing to try and get Carrie laughing as she was headed to another soul crushing day of work. As I was doing this some old guy walked in front of the car, he was yelling at traffic and he turned and looked at me and pointed at me in an accusatory manner and I felt like I was busted by the nerd police.