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REPRINT: Town Frowner

I have to work today and I don’t have a deep bench of new stuff, so enjoy (or not) this:

Town Frowner
Times are tough and sometimes you have to be inventive to find your own niche. With this in mind here’s a new job I invented just for me, The Town Frowner. A brief explanation: I would be hired by the town of Red Bank (where I live and work) to walk around town*. Wherever there was new construction or building improvements I would go and stand in front of the building in question, wearing a ceremonial uniform (based on those worn by European royalty; a crown,ermine cape and bejeweled scepter) and depending on my mood, either smile or frown. A smile would mean “good job, carry on” and I’d add a small positive comment like “That bird feeder looks like a tiny version of your house, well done” or “Kudos, those gargoyles are sufficiently gruesome”. Of course a frown would be a death knell for the project and all work would stop. A short derisive comment would be added as well, for example “ Hold up there buddy, a two car garage?! Who do you think you are Donald Trump?”, or “What’s with the new lawn? You’re setting a bad example for us plain folks, just paint the dirt green like the pilgrims did.” or “Two dogs!?! What do think this is a zoo?” Ok, to be honest I’ve been doing the Town Frowner thing on a freelance basis for awhile now and I’ve actually said those things to various townsfolk. Unfortunately most people don’t take my criticism in the spirit it was given and I’ve heard it all from my so-called neighbors; “nut job”, “Get off my property”, “kook”, “Is that my veal?”, “crazy person”, “put on some pants”. I’ve also been pelted with rocks and garbage, but I’m not giving up. I think if I was made official Town Frowner incidents of punching and insulting me would go down and I wouldn’t be arrested as much. Clearly a win, win situation. Your move Red Bank.

*If it was inclement weather I would have a horse drawn carriage at my disposal

Sunday Music 4/29/12

The PEACE!-Peaceful man
Another great band from the small but amazing early 70’s Zambian “Zam-Rock” scene. The PEACE! were originally known as The Boyfriends. This is from Black Power which I think is their only album. [to listen,click on arrow below]

I Hate Me, Part 198,562

I’ve been trying to watch what I eat for a while now. I lost some weight and it’s a constant,blah,blah,blah. Anyhow, every now and again I’ll get a jones some food I really shouldn’t get. In this case a black & white cookie. Not a bakery/artisanal version, “made with the darkest chocolate from Belgium’s famed chocolate mines and the purest sugar taken from rarest sugar trees hidden deep in the Himalayas and tended to by the Dalai Lama himself”. I wanted a cellophane wrapped one where the chocolate part is soft and the white part (not vanilla) is a hard sugar shell and the cookie part is slightly stale. I found one at a local Krauszer’s. I took it to the counter and:
Counter Guy: I can’t sell you that.

Me: why not? (did my wife send out a flyer to local shops “do not sell unhealthy food to this man” with my picture on it?)
Counter Guy: Look, there’s some black stuff on the white side…I don’t want you to get sick.
Me: I’m pretty sure it’s not mold…It’s just a bit of chocolate that ended up over there when they were making it.
Counter Guy: No, I can’t sell that to you, sorry…get another one.
I went back to the rack and grabbed another one
Counter Guy: No, that’s bad as well, get one from the shelf below
Me: Those are danishes, I wanted a black & white cookie
Counter Guy: Below that
Me: Those are pound cake slices, not the same thing
Counter Guy: I’m sorry
Me:…ok…do you want the unsellable black & white cookies so nobody else gets disappointed?
Counter Guy: No…just leave them there
I left hungry and puzzled.

Graphis Annual 57/58, pt.3

Here’s a third installment from Graphis Annual 57/58. This was a really good year for advertising art and there’s a lot I didn’t get to. I may have to come back to it. [Click on Image to enlarge]

Walter Sigg / Switzerland

Raymond Savignac / usa

Raymond Savignac / UK

Naiad Einsel / USA

Hirochi Ohchi / Japan

Tom Eckersly / UK

Sine / France

Fred Murer / Switzerland

Waldemar Swierzy / Poland

Leo Longanes / Italy

Herbert Leupin / Switzerland

Andreas His / Switzerland

Jerome Kuhl / USA

Andre Francois / France

Yusaka Kamekura / Japan

Graphis Annual 57/58, pt.2

Here’s some more from the Graphis Annual 57/58. Also the country listed next to the artist is where the ad was run not the nationality of the artist. [click on image to enlarge]

Ludwig Bemelmans-USA

Tadao Udihara-japan

Julian Key-Belgium

Sikker Hansen-Denmark

Ronald Searle-UK

Paul Rand-USA

Joan Jordan-Denmark


Herbert Leupin-Switzerland

Fix-Masseau, France

Herbert Leupin-Italy


Graphis Annual 57/58, pt.1

Here is another batch of international advertising and poster art from the book Graphis Annual 57/58. [click on image to enlarge]

G. Kieser/H. Michel-Germany

Henri Steiner-Switzerland

S. Polichek, G. Gersten-USA

Isi Nishijima-Japan

Tadao Udihara-Japan

Tadashi Ohashi-Japan

Yusaku Kamekura-Japan

Yusaku Kamekura-Japan

Bernard Villemot-France

Jacques Nathan-France




I picked this up in a used book store in Germany a couple of years ago. It seems like political cartoons concerning the Paris Commune, 1871. According to Wikipedia,The Paris Commune was government that briefly ruled Paris and is thought to be the first “assumption of power by the working class during the industrial revolution”. The book was published by Verlag Gaehme Henke in 1976. I did a google translation for the title so it might not be completely right (I just changed the title as per a comment, thanks)  [click on image to enlarge]



Paul Klenck

De Frondas








"Image d'Epinal"


I Hate Me, Part 251,900

I’ve been helping my boss move the last few days so I’m a mess, here’s a few short things that might add up to one crummy blog.
1)Had a dream the other night that was kind of like the Twilight Zone episode, Time Enough at Last. Burgess Merideth is a book worm who never has a enough time to read , so the world gets blown up and he’s left with a shitload of books. Yahoo, and then he breaks his glasses and he can’t see (cue the “wah waah” horn sound). In my dream the world ends and I have time to listen to all my records and then my ears fall off.

Just like my dream. Except it's me, a stack of records and no ears

2)I was driving my wife to work this morning and I had Camper Van Beethoven’s first album Telephone Free Landslide Victory playing. The song was Border Ska and it’s this bouncy south of the border ska thing. We were at a stop sign and I was doing some ridiculous arm dance/flailing to try and get Carrie laughing as she was headed to another soul crushing day of work. As I was doing this some old guy walked in front of the car, he was yelling at traffic and he turned and looked at me and pointed at me in an accusatory manner and I felt like I was busted by the nerd police.

Sunday Music 04/15/12

Ernie K Doe-Here Come the Girls
This is originally from a 1970 Ernie K-Doe comeback album. I found it on Allen Toussaint-Saint of New Orleans a collection of songs that Toussaint wrote and or produced. A really solid disc. [to listen, click on song title below]
23 Here Come The Girls

Who’s Who in Major League Base Ball (1933) pt.2


Here’s a few more from Who’s Who in Major League Base Ball, published in 1933 by Buxton publishing

Babe Ruth, pt.1

Babe Ruth, pt 2