Polish Graphic Arts-part 1

I picked up this book for the same reason I initially started collecting graphic art collections, for flyer art. I’m glad I kept them as I appreciate them on a whole different level than just “this would make a great flyer”. The title of this book is Polinische Graphik der Gegenwart  it was published in 1989. I’m just a dilettante with this stuff, if you like this kind of thing I urge you to check out the 50 Watts blog (it can be found on my blog roll to the right) it’s constantly amazing. [click on image to enlarge]

Josef kotlarczyk-1960

Stanislaw dawski-1956

Stanislaw boryowski-1955

Edmund Piottrowicz-1980

Andrzej Rudzinski-1958

Wlodzimierz Kunz-1979

Teresa Jakubowska-1962

Marian Malina-1965

Zygmunt Kotlarczyk-1972

Richard Gieryszewski-1979

Jerzy Grabowski-1973

Jacek Kawalerowicz-1978

Mieczyslaw Wasilewski-1974


  1. Polinische Graphik der Gegenwart is German, not Polish, but the images are swell. Thanx

    • feedtim
    • March 20th, 2012

    Thanks, since the book had Polish artists, I thought the title was in Polish as well, I will change it.

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