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The Waking Dream (Surreal Graphic Art 1450-1900)

This is from a book, The Waking Dream: Fantasy and the Surreal in Graphic Art 1450-1900 (Knopf 1975). I got this as a present a long time ago and it’s pretty great. There’s a bunch of familier art in it but there’s enough stuff that I haven’t seen before or since that I really dig. [click on image to enlarge]

The Master E.S.-The letter T from a grotesque alphabet

Georg Simler

Georg Simler

Lorenz Stoer-from Geometria et Perspectiva

Titian-Death in Armour

Francois Desprez

Christoph Jamnitzer

Father Jean David-plate from Verdicus Christianus

Johann Theodore De Bry-The Creation of the World by the Trinity

Giovanni Battista Bracelli-plate from Bizarrerie