I Hate Me, Part 125,990

I was at the drugstore picking up some stuff and when I got to the cashier there was a woman in front of me who had about twenty coupons for no more than six items. It took an unbearably long time (read: not long at all but it felt like months), the scanning gun was faulty and some of the barcodes wouldn’t read because the coupons were wrinkled. It was finally my turn, the cashier did an eye roll which I thought was towards the last customer. So as I usually try to do in these situations, I tried to be the agreeable, friendly customer. “Yeah, jeez. Did she have enough coupons? yeeesh.”……“What?… Oh this barcode scanner is slow….(ice look)…That was my neighbor, her husband just died, she counts on those coupons.”…SILENCE..DARK CLOUD… and then I saw a sign on the counter about buying candy to donate to the troops overseas. “Can I please buy five pieces of candy for our troops overseas, please.”

  1. Wow, man! You are making me feel SANE!

    • spank
    • March 13th, 2012

    Holy Underwear, Tim, you are a heartless basterd … her husbands death was in all the papers (try reading a section other than the comics), you should have known that. Besides, she needs all those coupons. When she can’t buy food with them, she’ll fricassee them with Oil of Old Lady … err, I mean Oil of Olay for dinner.

    Man, the guilt got you so bad, the sign over the counter could have said “Crack for Babies, cause you know damn well they can’t be cruising Asbury Park themselves, they’re babies for crying out loud!!” and you would have said “I’ll buy 5 rocks, thank you very much”.

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