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The Lin-sanity continues

Excerpted from The Manhattaner Magazine,2/20/12

The “LIN” sanity continues-by Craig Swan
The circus like atmosphere surrounding New York Knick Jeremy Lin shows no sign of abating. Now, almost a month into the “LIN”sanity a few questionable side stories have arisen:
Ben & Jerry’s “Taste the Lin-Sanity” was criticized for using pieces of crushed up fortune cookies in it’s recipe. The company quickly changed ingredients and is now using waffle cookies. However a bigger outrage is brewing over Ben & Jerry’s use of tears from Chinese dissidents to flavor the specialty. So far the company has not released a statement.

Doctor Mike Cubbage, an internist at Sloan-Kettering is facing disciplinary action concerning his diagnosis of a patient. The diagnosis was for Lin-phoma instead of Lymphoma. Dr. Cubbage has defended his actions through his lawyer, who read a prepared statement that read in part, “I knew that the patient is a Knicks fan so I wanted to ease into the diagnosis with a little joke”. Reports are that Cubbage is defending himself with a Laughter is the Best Medicine defense.

And in perhaps the oddest use of Jeremy Lin’s name, the New York Fascist League (NYFL) is posting flyers around Manhattan of Jeremy Lin with a Hitler mustache and the word HIT-LIN and their website address underneath. Spokesman L. Randle said in a statement, “We know it’s kind of a reach and yes, it really doesn’t make any sense at all but with all this hoopla around this Lin kid, we just wanted to get a little of it for ourselves.”