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I LIKE RECORDS 60/I Hate Me, Part 154,085

1) I have a rotten memory for names (among other things, ok, most things). This is especially true with customers. There’s this guy who comes in periodically to sell used stuff and his name is Guy. I always forget and he’s always slightly disappointed when I don’t remember his name. So to try and have it stick in my head, he’s a guy named guy, but I still forget. He came in a couple of days ago to sell some used, of course I forgot who the hell he was. So he took store credit and that means giving his name to the front counter, and I asked his name. He made a saddish face, “…It’s Guy..”. This jogged my memory and I blurted out, “Auurgh, of’re a guy named Guy.” Which I’m sure he never heard before and of course I over explained it, “..look, that’s how I remember your name…of course I forgot it now..but that’s how I usually remember it….and…uh…” and then I sort of disappeared into the back until he was gone.
2) Chef and writer Anthony Bourdain has a TV show called No Reservations, it’s a cool show and the song at the beginning has the words “No Reservations” said in a deep voice that’s kind of fun to say. Matt and I will say it one another a few times during the day, I know it’s asinine but so am I so… Sometimes you can hold the “no” part really long, “Nooooooooo Reservationsssss”. I was at the back counter writing an order and wasn’t really paying attention when somebody who at a glance looked somewhat like Matt came up to the counter and I started the “Noooooo” before looking up during the “Reservationsssss” part and realizing it wasn’t Matt. “I…uh…thought that ……uh…were…uh…..”. He gave me a weird look and asked me where the guitar room was, I pointed and once again hid in the back.

Noooooo Reservationsssss