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Greek Riots, Dec. 2008

Greece is again going through some rioting and I was reminded of December 2008 when Monster Magnet did a couple of shows in Athens. Five days before we were supposed to head over there the police had shot and killed an unarmed fifteen year old student and things got pretty hot, pretty quick. When we got there, our hotel was in bunker mode, a lot of the windows on the ground floor were smashed and boarded up. It was a couple of blocks from the University where most of the rioting emanated from, it was pretty crazy. I had never been through anything like it, destruction on a level I had never seen up close before. The closest I ever came to a riot was a march in Newark against Ronald Reagan when I was in college. Our tour manager, Bobo who’s an old punk was unfazed by it all but I was pretty freaked out. On our second night there, I had left my window open in the hotel and tear gas had gotten in. The last night, while we were waiting for the airport shuttle there was full scale battle outside the hotel with cops beating the shit out of a bunch of protesters. It was pretty fucking grim.


Graffiti of the student who was killed