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I Hate Me, Part 243,995

I got a gift card to Barnes & Noble for my birthday. I went in looking for the new William Gibson book Distrust That Particular Flavor, it’s a collection of essays. I looked for it in the new non-fiction section and couldn’t find it. I ended up finding a few of them in the new fiction section. I am acutely aware of the customer/employee dynamic in retail, painfully so. I am also a huge fan of William Gibson. I wanted to let somebody there know that it was misfiled. I found a guy who was working nearby and said, Hey, look. I don’t want to be a jerk but this new William Gibson book isn’t fiction it’s non-fiction and I found a bunch of them in the new fiction section…”. The guy was as cool as could be expected, I knew I was being a mutant but… The guy thanked me and said he’d refile them. I went on my way looking for other stuff. A few weeks ago there was an interview I heard on the radio with these two guys who dig up material for negative political ads and wrote a book about it. It sounded interesting but I forgot what the title of it is. My mind is like swiss cheese and if I don’t write stuff down I forget it. Actually writing stuff down doesn’t always guarantee anything as my writing is at best, hard to read and at worst looks like an alien language. I didn’t want to ask because I really didn’t have enough info and as someone who usually gets people with little or incorrect info, I know it’s annoying. So I went back to the new non-fiction section and was hoping that something would jog my memory. As I was doing this, the guy who I told that the William Gibson book was misfiled came by and kind of gave me the stink eye. Nobody likes to have their work doubled checked, especially by a customer. So I could see how this would appear to the guy. “Sir… I did put the William Gibson book in the right place….” “..yeah……yeah..I knew you were gonna do it…I wasn’t checking up on you……I was looking for another book”, “What book are you looking for?”, “…Uhhhhh…I don’t know….I..uh… forgot the title….I….uh…uh……….there really was a book…I was…uh…looking………for…” I wasn’t gonna use my vague description, so I mimed a little “shuffle off to Buffalo” move and pointed to the check out line and slunk away.