Sunday Music, 2/12/12

This is from Highway Robbery’s only album, For Love or Money (RCA, 1972) They were a power trio and I think they were from the mid-west. This is prime, heavy duty 70’s rock. Kind of boogie shoppish and fairly ridiculous but they lean into it so goddamned relentlessly …yikes, I’m sold. [to listen to song click on title below]
08 Promotion Man

    • spank
    • February 13th, 2012

    Hey Tim, I want to hear this tune, but can’t (I get an ‘error’, but it may just be me … I’m running WIN XP w/IE 8, which, according to every computer ‘expert’ is a total shit combination). Your other method of posting songs worked for me fine (the last two tunes you posted). Anyway, just letting you know … I’m a 70’s era music fan and absolutely love the power trio concept.

    P.S. Gonna stop by Jack’s Wednesday night, so if you could remember, please grab those CD’s I’ve been asking for, I’d appreciate it. Thanks, Mike

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