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It was a slow Saturday morning. These two guys came in. One was very quiet, the other wasn’t, they seemed a little drunk or maybe they were just a little off, I couldn’t tell. The quiet one went about rooting through the used section and the loud one had a ton of questions. I’ve been working there long enough to know when a customer is asking questions to buy something or just wants to flap his gums. This guy was a gum flapper, “I see Hank Williams junior an somebody called Hank Williams three but I don’t see the real Hank…you know Hank…Williams.” I showed him where Hank Williams was (oddly enough, right next to Hank jr and Hank III). Well I don wanna buy ’em, I just wanna make sure you got ’em. I check on stuff like that.” a few minutes later, “Zeppelin…Lehhhhd Zepppp Oh Linnnn….England, yeah …yeah you got ’em here. Ya know Vintage Vinyl got ’em too…”. This went on for awhile, I was pricing used records and stopped paying attention to him. Loud guy used the restroom and quiet guy left. A few minutes later quiet guy came back and was looking for loud guy. Loud guy was still in the restroom which is right next to the stockroom. Quiet guy was turning into panicky guy, “where are you!?”, loud guy from the restroom, “IN HERE…I’m in here!”, “where?!”, “IN HERE, IN HERE!”, quiet guy walked into the stockroom, “I don’t see you, I hear you…I can’t see you!”, “‘I’M IN HERE, I’M INHERE…HERE!”. By this time quiet guy is right outside the restroom door but he still doesn’t know where loud guy is. I yelled over to him, “He’s in the bathroom!”. Quiet guy, “oh”. Loud guy from behind the door, “yeah, I’m in here.” And as usual when “I can’t takes it no more”, I went out for a coffee, they were gone when I got back.

The Lin-sanity continues

Excerpted from The Manhattaner Magazine,2/20/12

The “LIN” sanity continues-by Craig Swan
The circus like atmosphere surrounding New York Knick Jeremy Lin shows no sign of abating. Now, almost a month into the “LIN”sanity a few questionable side stories have arisen:
Ben & Jerry’s “Taste the Lin-Sanity” was criticized for using pieces of crushed up fortune cookies in it’s recipe. The company quickly changed ingredients and is now using waffle cookies. However a bigger outrage is brewing over Ben & Jerry’s use of tears from Chinese dissidents to flavor the specialty. So far the company has not released a statement.

Doctor Mike Cubbage, an internist at Sloan-Kettering is facing disciplinary action concerning his diagnosis of a patient. The diagnosis was for Lin-phoma instead of Lymphoma. Dr. Cubbage has defended his actions through his lawyer, who read a prepared statement that read in part, “I knew that the patient is a Knicks fan so I wanted to ease into the diagnosis with a little joke”. Reports are that Cubbage is defending himself with a Laughter is the Best Medicine defense.

And in perhaps the oddest use of Jeremy Lin’s name, the New York Fascist League (NYFL) is posting flyers around Manhattan of Jeremy Lin with a Hitler mustache and the word HIT-LIN and their website address underneath. Spokesman L. Randle said in a statement, “We know it’s kind of a reach and yes, it really doesn’t make any sense at all but with all this hoopla around this Lin kid, we just wanted to get a little of it for ourselves.”

Sunday Music, 2/27/12

Bipolaroid-Vampires on Montegut
I really don’t know much about these guys. Here’s what i do know; They’re from New Orleans, the record this song is from is Illusion Fields (released 2010), it’s their third record. My friend Dan turned me onto these guys and I’ve liked everything I’ve heard from them. you can find out more about them here
  (to listen click on the arrow next to the speaker thing)  

Graphis Annual 1954, part 3

And finally, here’s the last batch of stuff I scanned from Graphis Annual ’54/55. The annual collection of international advertising and poster art. [click on image to enlarge]

Celestino Piatti

Jacques Richez

Yasuo Nakajima

Seitaro Imazu

Bjarne Moller


Frank Ford

Richard Lindner

Rudolph de Harak

Bertram Weihs

Jacques Nathan

Andrew Warhol


Graphis Annual 1954, part 2

Here is some more from Graphis Annual ’54/55. The annual collection of international advertising and poster art. [click on image to enlarge]

FHK Henrion

Rudolph Hauser

Paul Hartley

Yoshio Hayakawa

Oto Janecek

K. Palitzsch

Abram Games

Hiroshi Ohchi


Helmouth Lortz "green star means he speaks Esperanto"

Carmelo Cremonesi

Franciszka Themersen

Raymond Peynet

Raymond Peynet





Graphis Annual 1954, part 1

Here is another batch of international advertising and poster art from the book Graphis Annual ’54/55. [click on image to enlarge]

Hiroshi Ohchi

Herbert Leupin

Frans Mettes


Joan Miro

Pablo Picasso

Tadao Ujihara

Tadao Ujihara

Jean Colin

Eric Lancaster

Herve Morvan

Jean Carlu


I Hate Me, Part 233,912

A story in three parts, told backwards:

1) I had a really nice pair of jeans and then I got crazy glue on them and it turned the denim into this other element, a very brittle fabric that cracked easily. So I was sitting at work, pissed off about my brittle cracked jeans and I decided I would do something about it, I would break off the small part of the ruined jeans and sew a patch onto it, it wouldn’t be perfect but it would work. This seemed like a good idea until I started to break off parts of the jeans, I was taking good parts off with it. So I ended up cutting some of it with scissors and the hole got bigger and bigger still. This was not something I should be doing A) at work B) with a pair of giant dull scissors C) with the pants still on me. By the end of the night I was seething and there was a big hole in my pants. Which got me thinking on how I got the glue on them.

2) Every now and then Carrie and I will go out for dinner. We ended up at this place that had valet parking. I’m not a big fan of valet parking, I don’t think they’ll steal anything (“Those assholes stole my Wooden Shjips CD…well they do have good taste…maybe they think I’m cool…yeah”. Yes, I am that shallow and insecure), I’m just not used to it. So, we pulled up and I told the guy “Be careful with my key it’s fucked up, it’s broken and crazy glued together.” I wasn’t feeling good about it but I let it go and we had a really nice dinner. The guy brought our car up, I tipped him, we got in and drove away. We had to stop at the store so I parked the car and took the key out and it fell out in pieces. (the metal “key” part had separated from the other end, made of plastic where the remote lock is) Man, I was pissed but I couldn’t really do anything. What was I gonna do, “Yeah, your valet broke my car key… that was already broken…. and glued together….Yeah… I think I’d like my two dollar tip back” So I went to Walgreens and bought a tube of crazy glue and then angrily glued the key back together. You should never angrily glue anything, especially with crazy glue. I got a fair amount of crazy glue on my jeans, which for some reason I thought I could Windex off. I have no idea why I thought this, for some reason I think Windex can do a lot more than it actually can. Which got me thinking about how the key broke in the first place.

3) The Ribeye Brothers had a show booked in New York at a place called Bowery Electric. We hadn’t played there before so it was important for us to get there on time. With traffic it should have taken maybe an hour and a half tops. Traffic was awful and it ended up taking close to two and a half hours. We were late, I was frantic. I dropped off people and gear and went to find parking. It was Friday night, there were no spots and I ended up parking at a garage six blocks away. It was 8pm, we were supposed to go on at 8:15. I was in full panic mode when I pulled into the garage. My car key had a slight crack in it. which I caused when I was trying to change the battery in it, another comedy of errors. I didn’t think much of the crack and besides a new key cost close to two hundred dollars, fuck that. I stopped the car and took the key out to show the attendant the crack and ask him to be careful with it. Well, I yanked the key out in such a way that I cracked it some more, a lot more. I gave it to the guy and told him that it was really fragile and kind of fucked. This guy was busy as hell and he couldn’t give less of a shit as to what I was saying, I can’t say I blame him. I was thinking about it the entire night, we didn’t have a good show, all I was thinking about was the key. We all went out to dinner after and all I could think about was the goddamned key. The key, the key, the key. To put it mildly I wasn’t good company. I knew this wasn’t going to end well and all I wanted to do was go back and get the car and see how bad the key was. Sure enough when I got back to the garage, there was just the metal key nub in the ignition. We got home at about 3am, and I stayed up put the key back together. Crazed, like I was Dr. Frankenstein building his monster and crazy glued the hell out of the key, thinking that would solve it.

I was wrong.

Pants after I cut out the crazy glue fabric

Frankenkey after 3rd procedure


Sunday Music 2/19/12

CLINIC-Walking With Thee
These guys are from Liverpool and this is from their 2002 album also entitled Walking With Thee. I think they’re still around but I haven’t really kept up with them. [click on song title to listen]
04 Walking With Thee

I LIKE RECORDS 60/I Hate Me, Part 154,085

1) I have a rotten memory for names (among other things, ok, most things). This is especially true with customers. There’s this guy who comes in periodically to sell used stuff and his name is Guy. I always forget and he’s always slightly disappointed when I don’t remember his name. So to try and have it stick in my head, he’s a guy named guy, but I still forget. He came in a couple of days ago to sell some used, of course I forgot who the hell he was. So he took store credit and that means giving his name to the front counter, and I asked his name. He made a saddish face, “…It’s Guy..”. This jogged my memory and I blurted out, “Auurgh, of’re a guy named Guy.” Which I’m sure he never heard before and of course I over explained it, “..look, that’s how I remember your name…of course I forgot it now..but that’s how I usually remember it….and…uh…” and then I sort of disappeared into the back until he was gone.
2) Chef and writer Anthony Bourdain has a TV show called No Reservations, it’s a cool show and the song at the beginning has the words “No Reservations” said in a deep voice that’s kind of fun to say. Matt and I will say it one another a few times during the day, I know it’s asinine but so am I so… Sometimes you can hold the “no” part really long, “Nooooooooo Reservationsssss”. I was at the back counter writing an order and wasn’t really paying attention when somebody who at a glance looked somewhat like Matt came up to the counter and I started the “Noooooo” before looking up during the “Reservationsssss” part and realizing it wasn’t Matt. “I…uh…thought that ……uh…were…uh…..”. He gave me a weird look and asked me where the guitar room was, I pointed and once again hid in the back.

Noooooo Reservationsssss


Greek Riots, Dec. 2008

Greece is again going through some rioting and I was reminded of December 2008 when Monster Magnet did a couple of shows in Athens. Five days before we were supposed to head over there the police had shot and killed an unarmed fifteen year old student and things got pretty hot, pretty quick. When we got there, our hotel was in bunker mode, a lot of the windows on the ground floor were smashed and boarded up. It was a couple of blocks from the University where most of the rioting emanated from, it was pretty crazy. I had never been through anything like it, destruction on a level I had never seen up close before. The closest I ever came to a riot was a march in Newark against Ronald Reagan when I was in college. Our tour manager, Bobo who’s an old punk was unfazed by it all but I was pretty freaked out. On our second night there, I had left my window open in the hotel and tear gas had gotten in. The last night, while we were waiting for the airport shuttle there was full scale battle outside the hotel with cops beating the shit out of a bunch of protesters. It was pretty fucking grim.


Graffiti of the student who was killed