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My Yearbook Picture

I was pretty much a fuck-up when I was in high school (Raritan high school, Hazlet NJ, class of 1980). Not in the cool “rebel without a cause” kind of way, more of a “I hate everything but am too lazy to rebel, so I’ll just get fucked up” kind of way. My senior high school picture was a good case in point. We had our pictures taken and we got sent four photos to choose from. When I got the pictures I didn’t do anything, fuck the yearbook, I hated everybody. My inaction meant that one was chosen for me by the photographer and they picked the worst one and didn’t retouch my healthy crop of zits. I’m sure there have been worse yearbook photographs, I’m sure there’s a website dedicated to them but this was me and it kind of sums up my high school years.

hello ladies